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Finally, another portion of text has been fully deciphered. Lets take a look at what one can expect when commanding these powerful Avatars. Each faction in Phageborn has multiple unique Avatars, each offering their own take on the various faction playstyles. The Avatar’s skill is a good indicator of the kind of playstyle you can expect from the Avatar, but you aren’t locked into that playstyle. With clever ability … Continue Reading

Dev blog #1 THE AVATARS

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Greetings, children of Issilith This ancient inscription tells the tale of the Avatars – brave warriors that have risen through the ranks and who command authority to their armies through experience in battle and whose heroic exploits instill fear in the hearts of their enemies. Inspect them carefully so that one day you will crush your enemies and send them … Continue Reading

Battleground preview – derelict square

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The world of Issilith is a world filled with interesting and dangerous locations. The battlegrounds you will be playing on will be a part of the world, each with their own little story, hints of which can be found in the environmental details. One of these locations is the Vast Marsh, the largest marshland in the realm, an area riddled … Continue Reading

Phageborn factions

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The story of Phageborn online card game covers only a part of the larger story arc of the Phageborn universe. It begins with the arrival of the mysterious Visitor who came to the devastated realm of Issilith in order to find out the cause of the apocalypse.The lore of Phageborn online card game is based on events that transpired during … Continue Reading