Dev Blog #18 Social Features

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General Chat Features

You will be able to chat with your friends at any time. In 1v1, you can’t chat with your opponent, unless he’s on your friend list. In 2v2, you can chat with your ally, even if he’s not on your friend list.


They won’t be called guilds, but this is the option to invite people you enjoy playing with, to organize friendly competitions or just hang out and chat. Discuss strategy, share decklists, or just hang out with other people.
There might be some guild-related activities, but more on that if we get to that point!


Tournaments will have their own closed chat lobbies where you can chat with other people that are in the same tournament. Since you’re already in a relatively lengthy tournament mode, why not enjoy other people’s company as well?

Custom Lobbies

Custom games will be available for your friends to join, but at some point we might be opening lobbies as public games, allowing other people to join your custom games. Lobbies will have their own closed lobby chats.

Community Engagement

We’ll have numerous fun activities for our community, such as fan-art showcases and deck techs, and maybe even custom card contests and many other. Exciting times are ahead of us 🙂