Dev Blog #17 Ways to Play

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Here is a brief overview of what game mods we’re planning for Phageborn. Some of these will come sooner, others may come later, depending on how the game is developing.

Ranked / Unranked

This mode is probably well known. Climb the ladder, or go to casual and try out some new decks and builds. Or go to ranked and test a new deck, we won’t tell you what to do.


The classic showdown. A duel of fates. Head to head. Just you and the opponent. A clash of… you get the idea. The standard mode that most of you are probably used to.


Team up with a friend, or meet a new one, and experience a new level of multiplayer mayhem. This will function similar to 1v1, with every player having their turn instead of simultaneous turns.


Maybe you’d like to see how the game would feel if your core started at 60 life? Maybe increase the starting essence to 5? Well, you can try out all kinds of scenarios in the custom mode! Invite friends for 1v1 or 2v2 custom matches with or without custom rulesets.


Automated tournaments are something we plan to introduce along the way. These would be real-time tournaments, with a limited amount of players. When your game is done, you can chat with other players and watch other games while waiting for the next round to start. The idea is to simulate a real tournament with a different level of interaction.
Some tournaments can even feature a modified card pool or have custom rules and modifiers. Or both.


Ranked mode will be divided in seasons, with each season reseting your rank. It won’t drop you all the way back. Depending on your preformance last season, you will have a head start in the next one.

Fresh Seasons

A fresh start. Play the game as though your collection was completely wiped. Don’t worry about your actual collection- you still have all the cards you previously unlocked. Think of this as playing with your “secondary collection”.

Memory Dive

Start with a basic deck and fight your way through enemies towards the final boss. Get new cards with every win, acquire artifacts that provide passive bonuses and upgrade them. If you lose, start over, but you can bring an artifact from the last run to start with.

The Campaign

Follow Anvi on his journey across the world of Issilith. Gather allies and upgrade your Avatar and deck as you finish main storyline missions, and explore side missions with other characters. We will continue to support the campaign with more side story content.