Dev Blog #16 Future Support

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Future support

While it’s still quite early, let’s talk about some of our plans for future support. We understand the importance of post-launch support which is necessary to keep a card game vibrant and fresh and we are fully committed to do so once the game enters Early Access. Here’s a small tease of what you can expect after Phageborn sees the light of day later this summer:

Free content

There will be periodic free additions to the game. These can include a small amount of new cards for each of our factions, as well as new Avatars and cosmetics. With these regular updates players will always find something new to look forward to when they boot up Phageborn!

Major expansions

We will have major paid expansions that will add a large amount of new cards, new Avatars, or even a new faction to the game. Those will be released at more spread out intervals, but they will provide great value as they will bring loads of new content to the already rich experience.

Single player content

While a single player campaign is in the works, it will not be available in Early Access. While Phageborn will have an extremely deep and rich PvP experience both for two and four players, we’ll also have a story-driven campaign which will cater to those that enjoy a wholesome singleplayer experience. We do have plans for another single player mode (details in another blog), which will be supported as time goes on.

Balancing issues

We will be keeping an eye out for problematic cards that slip under our radar. We won’t ban cards from regular play. Instead, cards will be adjusted accordingly. We’ll continue the great relationship we have with our community after the release of the game by actively listening to your feedback and making necessary changes to the game if the need arises for it.

Stay tuned to our Dev Blog series because next week we’ll talk about the game modes in Phageborn and ways you’ll be able to play it!