Dev Blog #15 Progression and Card Unlocking

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In this blog, we’ll go a bit more in-depth how you’ll be acquiring cards.

The primary way to acquire cards is just playing the game. Every game you finish will give you experience points, which go towards your account level progression. With each level you’ll earn a faction upgrade point and a neutral upgrade point. These points will be used to unlock additional cards.

Each faction has a couple of paths. These paths have multiple stages, and are upgraded by spending faction upgrade points. Each stage gives you a predetermined set of cards, tied to a certain flavor. All of the cards obtained are faction specific. After fully completing each path in a faction, you will be granted a special reward we’ll be covering in a future blog.
Once you start upgrading a path in one faction, you are in no way locked in to just that path or faction. You can spend your faction points in any way you like – spend them all on one or cover multiple factions.

Neutral cards have their own upgrade points, so you can expand your neutral collection with every level. This will also provide you with decent options when you start leveling a new faction.

Because of this method of acquiring cards, there are only two “rarities” – normal and legendary. Legendary cards are obtained the exact same way as any other card. The gameplay difference between them is that you can only have one copy of a legendary card, and only three different legendary cards in your deck.

Every level you will also get an Avatar soul fragment. Once you acquire enough of these fragments, you can redeem them to unlock a new Avatar. Avatars can also be leveled up by playing them. They start with one trait, but leveling them will unlock their other traits, as well as their unique cards.

This kind of content acquisition and progression gives more control and choice to the player, but it also gives us options in creating new and different gameplay experiences. More about that in a future blog.