Dev blog #13 First Look at Phageborn In-game Screenshots

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Summer’s well underway and we know you guys and gals are aching for some new Phageborn-related content, so we’ve compiled a small collection of awesome screenshots which feature some of the core elements of Phageborn. Those that crave more meaty updates such as news on the beta, gameplay trailer and release date – fret not! We’ll have you covered in the very near future!

Although the screenshots are quite representative (and easy on the eyes if we may say so ourselves!), the menu is still a work in progress and there’s a whole dedicated polish phase scheduled so the finished product will consequently look much better.

We’ll have a lot of interesting and exciting topics to cover in the upcoming series of blogs we’ve prepared for our fans (as well as other aforementioned content), so make sure to keep your eyes peeled at our social media channels.

Gaze upon these never-before-seen screenshots and feel free to tell us what you think and also…don’t forget to prepare for what lies ahead!


Zhtugg was victorious! Although, in his eyes, that was an inevitability. With all these bars and unlockables, consider this screenshot as a small tease for our next blog we’ll be posting next week where we’ll talk about our monetization model for Phageborn.


Apart from combating other players, this is the place where you’ll spend most of your time, meticulously building and optimizing your decks for every combat scenario.


Fancy a solo game or a battle with your Phageborn friend against two other opponents? The PvP shows you all the necessary info on your deck, your Avatar, your rank and your statistic with the specific Avatar and faction you are going to use. Choose wisely before entering the battlefields of Issilith!


Here, you can explore the heroes that will lead your faction’s forces into battle and customize their appearance to your liking! Also, you’ll be able to read their backstories if you want to find out more about your favourite Avatar. We’ve made some changes to the way our Avatars work and we’ll touch upon this topic in our next blog, so make sure to keep an eye out!


At the start of each turn, you’ll be provided with three options. If your Avatar’s low on health and you don’t have a lot of Energy based cards, Leadership is the attribute you’ll want to buff up. If you have powerful Energy based cards you’re saving up for the late game, Energy will be your top pick. Lastly, if you’re running low on cards and you still have some core health to spare, picking Overcharge would be more than a viable option!


The place where all your deckbuilding efforts will be preserved and ready for further modification and optimization (and where you can go crazy with naming your decks).