Dev blog #12 The Many Keywords of Phageborn

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Phageborn has a lot of keywords. Some of them are faction specific, but most are general ones  that will appear all around the game. When designing keywords, we don’t wish to fundamentally change some basic gameplay functions, just expand upon them.

Here is an overview of the ones featured in our gallery so far.

ON PLAY An effect that happens when you play the card from your hand, not when it’s spawned.

LASTWISH Triggers when the unit is destroyed.

CLEAVE Excess damage is dealt to adjacent units. The full ammount, not halved.

SWIFT Can attack after moving. Usually a unit can’t perform both actions in the same turn.

RELENTLESS Unexhausts at the end of your turn. This allows the unit to be a blocker even after it attacked.

ARMOR X Prevents X combat damage, but can’t take less than 1 damage.

RESIST X Prevents X non-combat damage, but can’t take less than 1 damage.

DASH Can attack or move the turn it is spawned.

ENERGIZE Triggers whenever you play an energy card.

JUGGERNAUT Excess damage is dealt to the enemy core.

DEMOLISH Deals double damage to the core.

UNLBOCKABLE Ignores blockers.

CAUSTIC X Also puts X acid counters in addition to combat damage. Acid counters will deal damage over time.

ROOTED Can’t attack or move.

REAP Does something when it destroys a unit during your turn.

BLINK Ignores blockers and zone restrictions. It can attack anything from anywhere!

QUICKSTRIKE Deals damage when attacking before retaliation.

There are a bit more mods, such as DISSECT and CHAKRAM, but more about them later. We don’t want to spoil everything just yet 😉